Ladies and Gentlemen, An Official BryanPhillipsEtc Announcement

It has been brought to my attention that I’ve officially been on Tumblr for 3 years. BryanPhillipsEtc is three years old. That was kind of an incredible realization. I started this blog because I used to want to be a review critic. My earliest posts were my findings on the internet and writing short reviews of them and then grading them on a scale of A+ to F. These posts can still be found in the very beginning of my archive. Eventually, I ditched that idea and focused on things of artistic, creative, and inspiring merit. I also focused on sharing personal things and trying to provide humor and laughs. As I directed my career goals towards art, I also started to share my own personal artwork. I’ve posted over 3.5k posts over this span and accumulated 131 followers (whether they’re still tumblr-active or not is a mystery to me.) Time has progressed and the intent of my tumblr has kind of lost focus, but nonetheless here it is today, 3 years old. Here comes the bad news.

I’ve decided to take a leave of absence from BryanPhillipsEtc and Tumblr.

Tumblr originally started as a means for me to progress as an artist or writer. My intent was to share my work and gather a following from this. The truth is that it’s probably been more of a distraction from actually working on things. I haven’t worked hard enough and obviously it shows since 3 years has only given me a little over 100 followers (if that’s even accurate). Tumblr has become another social networking/internet junk site for me and it consumes a lot of my time. So for now, I’m giving up Tumblr and other time consuming internet sites. Until I can efficiently run BryanPhillipsEtc the way it was intended to be run, I will not continue to post. I will not scroll down my dashboard daily. I will be erasing the bookmark and the app and stay as far away from this site as possible. I won’t be deactivating it. The site will remain up, but it won’t be touched and will gather dust as I focus on real priorities.

Thank you to all of my followers. Especially thanks to my consistent Tumblr crushes: socialsmile, itchybrained, horriblemathmetician, missvandelay, alldabeckys, weirdhappenings, and anyone else I failed to mention. Thanks for the likes and reblogs. Thanks to the artists and art blogs with brilliant inspiring work. Thank you for the memes and viral videos and wtf posts. I love it all. I will miss it and hope to return.


-Bryan Phillips, etc.


Jurassic Park Poster Series by Pierre-Alain Dubois / Blog



I think it’s time to kill for our women

Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
And since a man can’t make one
He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one

“Rap is just noise”

Look at that terrible rap music, poisoning the minds of our youth. 

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Drawn By Thony Silas



Drawn By
Thony Silas



shit terry get it together



shit terry get it together


Description, from the Wisconsin Historical Society: “View from behind of a young woman wearing a t-shirt with the title Dungeon Mistress printed on the back while she plays an adventure game on a computer. In the background is a blackboard.”
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Description, from the Wisconsin Historical Society: “View from behind of a young woman wearing a t-shirt with the title Dungeon Mistress printed on the back while she plays an adventure game on a computer. In the background is a blackboard.”

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If you get me chipotle you will get chipotlaid

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You’re definitely a Meredith
Be the Kelly to my Ryan.
welcome to the office life. I’ve been trying to figure out which character I am. I’ve settled for Creed
Some days I feel like Jim. Some days I feel like Stanley.
Most days, I feel like Kevin.

This post reminded me why it was hard for me to adapt to Digimon as a kid. The evolutions were so radically different physically. Except for Agumon. He stayed an orange dinosaur.

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So I’ve got a new job. It’s a basic office job for an embroidery/printing company. Coincidentally, I’ve also been watching The Office on Netflix for the past few months.

It’s getting really hard to resist the similarities.

The whole place is really unorganized, so my job has basically been to find a place for everything. The problem is that I’m new and all this stuff is jargon to me. The place is run by a Chinese family and most of the employees are related and speak in broken English. Only the head of sales and the receptionist are American. They’re both my trainers and they are terrible at communicating with each other which leads to me running back and forth for no real reason. I spent the first two hours of one of my shifts on my computer surfing the internet because one of the wasn’t there and the other didn’t have anything for me to do. The head of sales jokes about the business being mostly Chinese, but it’s borderline offensive and inappropriate. Oh and we had our first office party. It was the boss’ birthday. She made me cut the cake and take a picture with her.

And whenever all this nonsense is going on, I tend to give a look to an imaginary camera.



I was walking up my staircase and I got a phone call so I sat down and then laid down and now I’m laying on a staircase not wanting to get up. I’m trying to decide if this is how I wanna spend the rest of my Saturday.